Viral Sharing Buttons by UP | Social Buttons

This is the same plugin I am using on this site (may change ) as seen in the screenshot.Using, this plugin is easy and is only one time installation and the Viral buttons looks good on your site and does’t mess with your content.See the features below:

Viral Sharing Buttons by UP | Social Buttons
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Viral Sharing Buttons by UP


Custom Sharing Buttons Placement

  • Responsive and customizable
  • Vertical and horizontal social media icons
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Easily controlled from a UP dashboard
  • One-click install, or easy-to-implement shortcode
  • Never impedes your content

Lightening Fast

  • < 150 ms load time
  • 150 kb in size
  • Perfect Google Pagespeed score
  • Value-add for both site owners AND users (no other sharing widget provides this)

Automatically Optimized

  • Clean, crisp, fully-customizable design
  • The UP team optimizes widget features based on in-house testing
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices
  • Safe and secure using industry best practices

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