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NOTE: Please note this blog was started on 7th Jan 2015 new posts will be added to the blog every week.

Posts will be mainly on Programming, Java, HTML, CSS ,android, motivation and some random posts on business studies, software engineering or any other trending topics or questions. My website users can ask any questions related to the above topics and if i am capable of solving the problem so i will post that answer on the site so everyone can benefit.

About Me (Nav Singh)

Nav Singh

Navsingh is an BSc honours Student at National College of Ireland in Dublin City, Ireland and owner of www.Navsingh.org.uk .He own high interest in Java programming, software engineering,Wordpress,blogs,Computer Architecture, he loves all kind of programming.

He prefers technical work over theoretical but is proficient at both and has a logical mind and solve problems with patience and confidence.Navsingh’s full name that is his birth name is Navjot Singh which was later changed to Navjot Singh Virk.

He was born in 1 March 1995, in India at a small town Bareilly, and was brought to his fathers home town in Baheri, were he spent his childhood, schooling and few years of adolescence, Navsingh changed various schools time to time. He was admitted to BAB Public School at Mandanpur,Baheri (District-Bareilly), at the age of 2 years and 8 months, after 3 years of study at BAB school, Navsingh went to National Public School at Mandanpur (Baheri) were Navsingh was a little better than a average student,less confident and very shy.

Then a turn point came to Navsinghs educational career when he went to Godwin Public School, Bypass Road, Baheri. Were he earned confidence, started catching up good students in class and mastered speaking and writing English under the guidelines of the School generic priligy Principle Mr. Sanjay Bhandari.

Navsingh left Godwin Public School in 2007 and went to Campus School, Pantnagar (GB Pant University, India) after high efforts of his mother to get him better education and moral values. Where he gained high attitude and more confidence.But in 2010, left Campus school and again went to his childhood school National Public School, now Navsingh was 15 years of age and new his good and bad but he was distracted by changing of schools and had a hard time and to catch up agin.

After an year, (in 2011) Navjot Virk (Navsingh) made lots of friends and social connections this was the time when Navsingh started socialising with people. Navsingh was different among his friends he was the most trusted man in the group of friends. He fulfilled all promises faithfully. He, had a good character and enjoyed good reputation with teachers.

In 2011, Navsingh grouped with Kamal, Ajit, Ayush, Arjun, Jodh Singh and Gurpreet Gopi his classmates and founded Singday Gang where all these friends were united like they would be real brothers.They fought for each other and spent all 3 years together.

And at, the age of 18 he flew away to Dublin to get his higher education.Where he is studying BSc honours in computing and has found great interest Programming, technology and Internet.

Navsingh really relies on self study and don’t necessarily like to study in class room because he thinks “”’A class is only maximum 2 hours and when class ends concentration ends, I like to dip into the topic and enjoy it when i study a particular topic or write code I spend hours without taking a break.I love Programming”’ ”

One last thing: The only way to learn is to Practice.

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