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    Since, We all know
    WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used cross-platform management systems. According to the released data, more than 17 per cent of websites are now powered by WordPress, and this figure is continuously growing.

    With WordPress it’s not problematic to create, maintain and update the site on all the stages of its existence without being limited in what you can do. That’s one of the most obvious reasons why WordPress cms is one of the most popular cms today.

    However, if you believe that WordPress doesn’t require any kind of security, you should reevaluate your views and consider the following information.

    Security of WordPress. In practice, WordPress cms is very much vulnerable to all security attacks. According to the statistics, there are about 505 vulnerabilities that have the connection to WordPress, 30 of which were listed in the past three months. If this information is not enough (let’s not forget that the National Vulnerability Database may not be an accurate indicator of WordPress security), what about continuous hacking attempts?

    So what makes WordPress so vulnerable?

    The first and foremost reason why WordPress cms is so vulnerable to hacker attacks is because it’s very popular. According to the official statistics, there are more than 66 million WordPress websites around the world with 100,000 new websites being installed on a daily basis. The above mentioned CMS is used by the most visited websites in the world. Sony, eBay, NBC Sports, CNN and The New York Times are some of the examples.

    Being one of the most popular content management systems today, it’s become a real goldmine for hackers. Getting into WordPress site will open more opportunities to get into more websites.

    Outdated versions

    It’s not secret that WordPress often comes up with a new version. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that with a release of a new version users update their sites right away. What happens next? Well, older versions of WordPress get targeted and hit by hackers because they have more vulnerabilities when compared to the current versions that have their own patches and updates.

    Problems with plugins and themes

    Sometimes the real core of a problem is not even WordPress with its old versions but the actual add-ons that you use. Some plugins and themes have very poor coding, some themes may go with malware disguised viruses which can attack your WordPress system and the entire database after activation of the theme or plugin.

    The solution I’d recommend is to always keep a common sense with you. Use better passwords with more characters involved and more difficult to crack. Please, don’t use the same passwords all over and over again. If you opt for plugins and themes, use only those sources that you can trust.

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