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    Arjun Singh

    Will adding a forum to my site help with SEO?
    I’m considering adding a forum to my site and building a “community” there. Will the added posts/pages, and content help me get ranked higher?

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    The foum posts can rank for keywords much like any other page on a website.

    My suggestion is to create a forum for your niche, not for SEO rankings.

    Forums are meant to be enjoyed just like the WF is.

    If you make your forum about being part of the community, the rankings and traffic should take care of itself.

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    Arjun Singh

    thanks for the advice. Have you used any forums for wordpress such as bbpress or simple press? I can’t decide between these two.

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    More content = good.

    The downside is a forum can be hard to publicize, make popular, and moderate… and the time it takes to do that can be used more effectively on targeted article writing.

    Not necessarily though it depends on the site, and as another member wrote forum posts can rank too.

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    I have personally used BBPress and integrated it with WordPress. There were some teething issues, but once set up it runs well and has some nice cross over features with WordPress, such as posts on the front page and users only having to log in once.

    It is hard to skin though, and isn’t supported that much. A better option is VBulletin, and that connects with WordPress to some degree too, as you can create new forum threads from new blog posts on the fly. That’s a better forum.

    As for SEO benefits, massive. So long as you have an active community and keep the spammers at bay, you can get great ranking benefits from a forum.

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