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    ClickProtector is a tool you can use to zero in on your site’s malicious users. It tracks activity from the search engines to your Web site and applies an algorithm to the data it receives, marking certain activity as “potentially fraudulent.” We mark activity as “potentially” fraudulent because while it is unlikely that one user legitimately clicks a PPC ad 10 times in a single day, it is conceivable. The final determination is up to you.

    The data we collect is available to you with our real-time reporting, and you can even choose to be notified every time a case of potential fraud occurs. The algorithm we supply to determine fraudulent activity is configurable, so if you feel ClickProtector is too lax, you can tighten the noose even further.

    Lastly, ClickProtector uses the ClickShield™ to deter fraudulent users from continuing their actions

    Will ClickProtector work with CPM ads as well?

    Yes, simply tell your ad publisher to add the required ClickProtector information to your URLs.

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