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    Top 9 Reasons Why I Should Switch to a Responsive Website Design

    Don’t you think that innovation and technology has bought many changes worldwide?

    Webmasters also need to adapt to these changes. One of the most important things which webmasters need to implement is that they need to switch to responsive websites.

    As people nowadays have got more involved in their work, they may not be able to find time to browse websites using their desktop. Smartphones are helping people in browsing websites even when they are travelling or having a lunch break while they’re in office.

    Responsive websites are universally compatible websites. Such websites adapt to the screen size of the device from which the person is browsing the website. It may provide the reader with the best type of view on desktop, tablets as well as smartphones. Now you’ll be able to know the top reasons for immediately switching to a responsive website.

    1. Compatibility May Increase the Traffic

    When it comes to compatibility for a website, it means that the website should be compatible with all the devices. Some websites cannot be viewed in a proper way on smartphones and tablets, while responsive websites can always be viewed perfectly on any type of device. If your website is not compatible for all the devices, then it may be the right time to switch on to a responsive website.

    2. SEO Experts Recommend to have Responsive Websites

    SEO experts recommend webmasters to immediately switch to responsive websites. SEO experts recommend this because of the reason that responsive websites come with the same set of URLs. Webmasters who create different website for desktop and smartphones may not get the best type of traffic as the URLs may not be the same.

    3. Easy Management

    Handling many websites can be a very difficult task. Having responsive website will be helpful for those who don’t have time to handle different websites. The most important benefit of having a responsive website is that you’ll have to spend less money on SEO and marketing.

    4. Improved User Experience

    It is quite possible that your website readers may decide to never come on your website again just because they didn’t get the best type of experience. Responsive design will provide users with the best type of experience. Regular readers who like your website may sometimes visit it from their desktop, while sometimes from their smartphones.

    5. Improves the Speed of the Website

    Google loves websites which load very fast on smartphones and tablets, and this can be possible by having a responsive design. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load on smartphones and tablets, then your website’s design is not good according to the standards set by Google.

    For impressing your blog readers who’re visiting from a smartphone or tablet, you should try to have the best type of responsive design. Websites which load in 1-2 seconds may be always remembered by the visitors.

    6. Better Bounce Rate

    High Bounce rate is something which most of the bloggers and webmasters don’t like. Having good bounce rate is the most important reason to immediately switch to a responsive website. If your website cannot be perfectly viewed by the readers, then many readers may not go through the entire content. Responsive design will present your website content in the best way and this will improve the bounce rate.

    7. Money Saving Option

    Some people believe that having a responsive website is a good idea to save money. Maintaining different websites may require higher budget, while maintaining a single website is definitely very economical.

    8. Better Conversion Rate

    Many webmasters who have switched on to a responsive website have been able to get better conversion rate than before. Webmasters who’re searching for ways to generate more leads may definitely be able to accomplish all their goals by switching to a responsive design.

    9. Easy Analysis

    Nowadays, keeping track of traffic is very important for all the webmasters as it is good quality traffic which makes webmasters earn good revenue. Analyzing the traffic of a single website is easier than analyzing the traffic of different websites. If you want to have a single website so that you can regular analyze the traffic in the best way, then you’ll need to switch to a responsive website.

    That’s all folks enjoy

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