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    Tips To Get Adsense Approval | Adsense Approval Guide

    Adsense as you know is one of the best and trusted method to monetize a blog. But Adsense is not like other ad programs which give easy approval, there are some minimum standards which should be met by blogs before applying for Adsense.
    Google takes it’s advertising business very seriously and they do not want their trusted users pay money for illegitimate clicks

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    Let us see some tips before applying for Adsense.

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    1-It’s Time To Invest.

    You know www. blogger. com and wordpress. com give free blogging service and we can create free and unlimited blogs without spending a penny longs back Google used to approve blogs such as http://www.abc.blogspot.com or www .abc.wordpress. com but time has changed you need to have your custom domain and not www .abc.xyz. com, to get a custom domain you need to invest some amount, you can create a new domain or upgrade your existing one.

    2-Choosing Design.

    Google wants blogs to be as simple as possible and users should not have a problem while navigating, so choose a theme or design for your blog which loads quickly and has simple colors. If you have awesome content but your blogs design is messy and has flashy colors then definitely users will immediately close your blog. Always think from users perspective after choosing a design ask your friends and family members about it as each and everyone has their opinions take their feedback as constructive and make changes as required.

    3-Being Professional

    Blogging is not only for money but it’s about sharing knowledge. If you are starting a blog think about long term plans for example if you have interest on health and fitness then it is better to write on health topics rather than writing on technology, when you write in the area you specialize then you have lot of room to grow and when you write on topics which you do not have enough knowledge you will stop at some point. When you write on your area of interest you do not require to work hard all you need is to explain the concept in an easier way. Also remember Google does not approve sites related to adult content and Gambling content.

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    4-Motto Of Blogging.

    Have you seen professional blogs they have a pages called About Us and Privacy Policy pages. These pages ensure the purpose of your blog and how you care for your viewers, if you do not have these pages on your blog then you cannot get approval for Adsense. Write some good description of your blog and purpose of it in About Us page and create a Privacy Policy page and explain how your blog works you can get get sample privacy policy page from Google search.

    5- Be Patient.

    If you are applying for Adsense from Asian countries such as India and pakistan then you need to wait for 6 months, Google wants content to be genuine and want to know the blog is useful to people and not for making money. This condition is not applicable for USA, Canada and other Native English speaking countries because they can write genuine content easily and do not involve in fraud clicks.
    After you have completed the above mentioned bullet points then open Adsense and login with your Google account and submit details about your blog. Google takes about 24-48 hours to review the blog(may take longer) if your blog gets approved then they will provide with sample ad code which you need to place it on your blog this will be a blank ad Google just wants to know you have access to edit HTML files. After detecting the blank ad Google will finally approve your blog for Adsense and you can log in to your account and create ads and place them on your blog.

    6- Get Some Viewers.

    There is no hard and fast rule about how much traffic a blog should have for Adsense approval but it is always good to have some visitors, after writing some good articles start sharing it on social media sites such as Google+ and Facebook let your friends and family know about your blog ask them to share the blog and posts this give some exposure to your blog.

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    I believe it will help you ..

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    Nav Singh

    I appreciate your Effort Felipe. Keep on posting good stuff and grow in Navsingh community and win badges and achievments

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    Can you help me get Adsense??

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    Nav Singh

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