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    Nav Singh

    Website URL: http://www.statcounter.com
    Company Name: StatCounter
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 532 (on 06 April 2015)

    StatCounter Description
    StatCounter is a web tracking service that allows you to get real time statistics of your web visitors across multiple websites. The service is available for free but is limited to only 500 log-sizes and 250,000 pageloads (explained later). StatCounter offers multiple plans for webmaster that get more pageloads than the average site.
    StatCounter Detailed Overview
    StatCounter has offered their tool for free for many years but in my opinion, the tool has been overlooked by many people. They’ve made many improvements and the tool is incredibly easy to use. Right from the get-go, you can manage multiple sites from one account by creating projects.
    Like a regular web statistic tool, you’ll be able to see a data of your unique visitors, returning visitors, page loads, and first time visitors. You can see the data presented daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and also choose specific date ranges.
    If you’ve ever wondered what your visitors are doing on your site, you can look at what pages they entered from, where they exited, individual visitor paths, and the most popular pages. All this information can be used to improve your site. For example, if you find that your visitors are exiting at a certain page, you can try to get them to opt-in on that page so you can contact them later.
    While your page statistics help you make the necessary adjustments to your site, it doesn’t tell the complete picture. That’s why Statcounter also shows you the visit length and returning visits of your site. This is a good indicator of whether your site is providing value to your visitors. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that this can only be measured for the whole site, not individual pages.
    StatCounter is also a great way to analyze your SEO campaigns as well. You can view what search engines your visitors are coming from and a percentage breakdown from each engine. This information will reveal which keywords you should be focusing on. Furthermore, the tool shows the country, state, city, and a Google map of your visitors. This can help if you’re running international campaigns.
    What’s more, you can see the usability information like the resolution stats, whether javascript is enabled, and the browser being used in order to present your website. With this data, you can run through your site with different resolutions, with javascript on/off, and different browsers to make sure your site is designed to accommodate all your visitors.
    My favorite part of Statcounter is the ability to individually look at each unique visitors’s data. This data is put into what’s called logs. By studying the logs, you can get a good idea of what visitors are doing and get an overall consensus of your visitor statistics and actions.

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    Dragan Spasic

    Thank you for the incredible review . I just want to recommend one service that I use myself and I’m very satisfied with . It’s GoStats , why don’t you give it a try , you might want to write a review about it too.

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    Nav Singh

    Thanks, Spasic .. I will check out the tool you mentioned

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