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    Nav Singh

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    Learn to setup Stripe in WooCommerce and make a test purchase with the test gateway.

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    Nav Singh

    What is Stripe ?

    Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card and debit card payments online. With our integration with Stripe, you can process payments almost instantly. Learn more at http://www.stripe.com.

    Is Stripe secure?
    Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security.So, the answer is yes it is secure.

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    Nav Singh

    How does Stripe process payments?
    Stripe processes all transactions for you. Once your Stripe account is integrated into your site, you can accept payments immediately.

    Funds are added to your bank account on a seven-day rolling basis. A two-day transfer may be possible after your first transfer.

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    Nav Singh

    How does Stripe transfer money to my account?

    Stripe adds funds to your bank account on rolling basis. You can set the frequency of these transfers in the Transfers tab of your Stripe dashboard. From there, you can also view all transfers from Stripe to your bank account.

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    Nav Singh

    Is SSL offered with Commerce?
    Yes. Checkout and payment pages are served over SSL in your Commerce site

    What are Stripe’s merchant processing fees?

    Stripe Pricing | Stripe Fees

    1-United States

    2.9% + 30 cents per successful transaction

    2-United Kingdom

    2.4% + 20 pence per successful transaction


    2.4% + 24 cents per successful transaction + Value Added Tax (VAT)


    1.75% + 30 cents for domestic cards and 2.9% + 30 cents for American Express or international cards

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    Nav Singh

    Is Stripe available in my country?
    At this time, Commerce and our Stripe integration is available for customers with U.S., Canadian, U.K., Irish, and Australian based bank accounts

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    Nav Singh

    Do customers need a Stripe account to buy my products?

    Answer: No, not at all they can simply pay from there debit or credit card

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    Nav Singh

    What is Stripe A video from Youtube explaining Stripe so i am sharing it with you guys to help you out

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