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    Nav Singh

    SEO Drawbacks of Sub Domains

    The advantages of sub domains for SEO are tangible, however they also have drawbacks. For instance, sub domains are harder to set and manage.

    Another disadvantage, and it’s a major one, is that sub domains don’t always inherit metrics from the main domain (i.e. if your main domain is PR5, your sub domains could be PR0 because for Google both are not closely related). In many cases, this alone is enough to make you give up the idea of using sub domains at all ‐ since the sub domains are not inheriting metrics, this means you practically have to optimize them from scratch.

    I hope it help .. Read the full Article on SUB DOMAINS VS SUB DIRECTORIES http://www.navsingh.org.uk/2015/04/20/which-is-better-for-seo-sub-domains-vs-sub-directories/

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