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    Project Time Management Processes

    1-Defining activities

    2-Sequencing activities

    3-Estimating activity resources

    4-Estimating activity duration’s

    5-Developing the schedule

    6-Controlling the schedule

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    Defining activities: identifying the specific activities that the project team members and stakeholders must perform to produce the project deliverables

    Sequencing activities: identifying and documenting the relationships between project activities

    Estimating activity resources: estimating how many resources a project team should use to perform project activities

    Estimating activity durations: estimating the number of work periods that are needed to complete individual activities

    Developing the schedule: analyzing activity sequences, activity resource estimates, and activity duration estimates to create the project schedule

    Controlling the schedule: controlling and managing changes to the project schedule

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    Defining Activities

    An activity or task is an element of work normally found on the work breakdown structure (WBS) that has an expected duration, a cost, and resource requirements

    Activity definition involves developing a more detailed WBS

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    Activity Lists and Attributes

    An activity list is a tabulation of activities to be included on a project schedule that includes the activity name,an activity identifier or number,a brief description of the activity.

    Activity attributes provide more information such as predecessors, successors, logical relationships, leads and lags, resource requirements, constraints, imposed dates, and assumptions related to the activity

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    1-A milestone is a significant event that normally has no duration

    2-It often takes several activities and a lot of work to complete a milestone

    3-They’re useful tools for setting schedule goals and monitoring progress

    Examples include obtaining customer sign-off on key documents or completion of specific products

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    Sequencing Activities

    1-nvolves reviewing activities and determining dependencies
    2-A dependency or relationship is the sequencing of project activities or tasks
    3-You must determine dependencies in order to use critical path analysis

    Three types of Dependencies

    Mandatory dependencies: inherent in the nature of the work being performed on a project, sometimes referred to as hard logic

    Discretionary dependencies: defined by the project team., sometimes referred to as soft logic and should be used with care since they may limit later scheduling options

    External dependencies: involve relationships between project and non-project activities

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