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    Nav Singh

    Hi, FOLKS
    If you are on this post then you should be definitely a beginner who is trying to get online via a website.

    Ok, lets start

    Its easy to get website these days and you can make a free website at wordpress.com
    But, due to the expansion of blogs its really hard to get on first page of google but dont worry I am telling you this because its very important for you to know this because to make a wordpress blog successful you need to be patience and hardworking ..

    Now, Lets get to the point
    How to use WordPress Blog

    1 -Create your WordPress.com account.
    2- Pick your web address, including a custom address if you’d like.
    3- Choose the WordPress.com plan that’s right for you.
    4- up your public profile and Gravatar.
    5- Navigate to your blog’s administration section and configure some basic settings.

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    Nav Singh

    Configure basic site settings

    Okay, you’ve got a site and a profile. One of the two most important settings you’ll probably want to customize right away is your site title and tagline. To get you started, we’ve given your blog the same title as your username, but that might not be what you want. And right now, you’ve got a generic tagline like “This WordPress.com Site is the Bee’s Knees” — time to change them.

    In your dashboard, go to Settings >> General, and enter your site’s title and your new tagline. If you don’t want to have a site tagline or can’t think of anything to enter right now, just delete the text that’s there

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    Nav Singh

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