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    How to do long division – Step by Step instructions
    Long division is a versatile method for handling complex divisions without using a calculator.

    In order to demonstrate the method we’ll work through the solution to 8931 ÷ 85

    STEP 1:

    Long division works from left to right. Since 85 is a 2-digit number, it will not go into 8, the first digit of 8931, and so successive digits are added until a number greater than 85 is found. In this case 1 digit is added to make 89. Note the other digits in the original number have been turned GREEN to emphasise this and GREEN zeroes have been placed above to show where division was not possible with fewer digits.

    The closest we can get to 89 without exceeding it is 85 which is 1 × 85. These values have been added to the division, highlighted in red.

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    Nav Singh

    I will do the next steps later .. sorry about the inconvenience ..

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