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    SEO is based on the relevance of your content in relation to the used keywords. Spiders crawl through the internet to index millions of sites on a regular basis. These spiders crawl through your entire website looking for keywords, the quality of incoming links, originality of your content.
    If you link to sites with a high Pagerank, it will improve your rank in the search results. The search engine spiders browse through your content and follow all the links on your site, similar to how a human goes through your website. Since these spiders can only crawl through content (letters, words, sentences) it is irrelevant to put videos, pictures, music on your website because the spiders cannot see what this content is about.
    Search engine spiders are also not able to crawl through Javascript based content. Another point relevant to your rank in the search engine is the history of your website. Google prefers to give older websites a higher rank than new ones.
    The key principle of SEO says “original content is King”. If you duplicate or copy paste content, Google will devalue your website.
    A good balance between incoming and outgoing links is also from initial importance. If a lot of websites with a low pagerank link to your site, you will get a lower rank in the search results.

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