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    So here are tips to track invalid adsense clicks, to make sure you are on safe side.

    Frequently Monitor of your Adsense Account

    Make sure that you are monitoring your adsense account at least once a day, 3-4 times a day is even better.
    Keep a watch on CTR (Click through rate) – to make sure it’s around your daily average
    If your CTR goes significantly high, then it’s time to start worrying and to do the necessary to make sure you are safe.
    Tracking Invalid Adsense Clicks with some stat monitor:

    If there’s an invalid click activity in your adsense account – there are chances that Google will suspend your account without asking you anything. You will be given only one chance to prove that the clicks were invalid, and didn’t originate from your computer or your friends’ computer.

    Google may ask you for IP details or other logs that you may provide them in order to get your account reinstated.

    The steps listed are not foolproof, So try adding a Stat monitor to your site that can track the exist links to your site, IP address. So, if needed you can provide Google some stats to get your account back in case of suspension.

    We know that you have Google analytics installed but unfortunately Google Analytics doesn’t provide much details about the visitors, such as their IP addresses, exit links and so on.

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