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    Empowering your employees by sharing strategic information will encourage and motivate them to contribute to the business’ overall success. Although an employee’s action may be in line with a general KPI (Key Performance Indicator) outlined on a performance evaluation, it might not benefit the organization’s overall goal. An overly enthusiastic sales team, for instance, may reach their monthly goal by signing clients without discrimination, but their actions may ultimately cost the company money, as those clients are likely to disrupt post-sale departments and create needless fulfillment issues.

    Sharing company goals also forces managers to continuously relate the KPIs by which employees are assessed to the overall mission of the organization. In addition, informed employees are better equipped to generate valuable suggestions that management can turn into actionable strategy. When you work as a team, you win as a team.

    When employees are aware of their level of contribution, and how those contributions affect larger company goals, it makes retention and development easier for everyone. Managers will save time and resources, and the data generated from engagement programs will allow them to weed out stagnant employees. Conversely, extraordinary employees who are adding value to the organization are easily identified.

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