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    To be more specific, you can take a shower after one hour of getting it done. you have to wash it about that soon any way. however, when you do take a shower you want to keep it out of the direct contact with the spraying water. instead if you are washing your front side i suggest your back to the shower head and let the water run over the tattoo. and be very gentle when cleaning it. be sure to use anti-bac or anti-microbial soap on it and be sure you wash off ALL the soap.
    dont take a too terribly long shower [even a scalding hot shower] the steam caused by the excessive time can cause the tattoo to get too soggy and push the ink out.
    once you’re out: pat dry and apply the A&D or Tattoo Goo or whatever the artist gave you in a thin layer [a little goes a long way]
    Source: Yahoo Answers

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