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    Nav Singh

    Hi, lads
    Today I am here with few but Awesome Tips for WordPress Template Designers ..

    Those developers who work with the most intricate and eloquent themes and templates quite often face quite challenging tasks that may include adding special effects to a template, coding the template for further integrations or simple tweaking the templates. Most professional web developers work on quite tight deadlines when produce their thematic files. They’ve got quite a lot of freedom with respects to broadening the boundaries, and yet, there are certain rules which every web developer should follow to prevent different browsers errors that usually result in potential fatal browser errors, losing money and clients altogether. In this article I’d like to share a few recommendations that all WordPress template developers should know well.

    Identification of pages with post categories

    This option has become widely used thanks to businesses who wanted to obtain single feeds that would be displayed on separate parts of their website. If that’s what you’d like to have, create individual pages with subcategories and simple head back to your template. In case, you’d like to exclude some information from the feed, just use a code to do so. You can create custom page templates for each subpage. After that, you can easily adopt the same CSS for each of your template files. WordPress Codec Library offers a great variety of additional options and features to customize the interface of the site and make it more attractive in appearance and useful.

    Creation of pages “Friendly”

    Now it’s possible to create privatized posts and pages. If a visitor for example decided to visit such page without logging in first or making a purchase, he or she would automatically come to the page with 404 error. With WordPress it’s easy to privilege any type of information, create teaser content, include the word “more” at the end of the paragraphs and let a reader click it. The remaining content should be created in a “member_content” custom field. Now all you need to do is to create member content page templates. By doing so you will allow your web pages to appear public for search engines optimization. If you shared an interesting and exciting information with your audiences and didn’t want it to be copied, that’s the best option to go for.

    Testing WordPress environments

    WordPress developers who always strive for the best results always find locally derived testing outlets where all the contingencies can be tested, new inventions implemented and errors ignored out. There are many possible ways how one can test the environments and check up whether everything works perfectly before launch. The environments to check up are DeployMint, XAMPP, DevPress Development Environment, Desktop Server, etc.

    That’s all folks

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