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We often get the question: What type of development tool, for a website, would we recommend? And why?

To answer this, we need an overview of the different types of possibilities for creating a website. We have divided it into 3 groups:

• Website Builders
• Content management system (CMS)
• Hand-coded

Website Builders are cheap, extremely user-friendly, with drag and drop features. There is no need for experience or knowledge in coding or databases for creating a usable website. There are, however, shortcomings, such as limited site speed, lack of customisation, and restricted SEO options.

Among the common used Website Builders are:

• Wix
• Weebly
• Jimdo
• Yola
• Moonfruit

Content management systems enables users to create professional websites with no technical background, but without the constraints one might have with Website Builders’ solutions. This allows users to get started quickly on their website, with very low costs, and top-of-the line design and professional functionality.

Among the common used content management systems are:

• WordPress
• Joomla
• Drupal
• Magneto
• vBulletin

Hand-coded websites are developed brick by brick or “code by code”. Coding languages are special commands, abbreviations and ways of arranging text. As one might expect, this requires a professional programmer and many hours of work. It is an expensive solution, but most often a better solution all around. This can be achieved in Content management systems, with the help of a programmer, although this is not the norm.

Among the common used coding language are:

• JavaScript
• C#
• Visual Basic

Website Builders is a good tool to users that want a website up and running in a day. There is no special knowledge needed to this easy drag-and-drop solution. This is often free, but lack some key features compared to both the CMS and hand coded websites.

Content management systems is the best choice for users who want the freedom to create and maintain a low-cost professional website themselves, without the need of a programmer every time a small change has to be made.

If price is not an issue, then a hand-coded website is the best choice. It is, however, critical to know the capabilities of the programmer.