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BlackBerry 10 features a virtual keyboard. The keyboard shares visual “branding” similarities with physical keyboards from earlier devices.[16] The letters and numbers use the same Frets and fonts as the old BlackBerry devices. The software allows the keyboard to learn the user’s typing preferences, and offers auto-predictions. It does this for the current word and then the next word. Predictions are made “above the key”[15] i.e. predicted words appear above the letter that the keyboard thinks you will touch next. You can “flick” these predictions upwards into place.[17][18] Words can be deleted by a swipe from right to left across the keyboard.

Voice Control[edit]
Voice Control was also introduced in BB10, allowing users to send BBMs, schedule meetings, update social networks, and open apps using natural speech patterns. Voice control can also be used for typing on any screen that accepts keyboard input.[19]

BlackBerry Assistant[edit]
Start from BlackBerry Passport and OS version 10.3, BlackBerry had integrated BlackBerry Assistant to their latest update with the main function which same as their Voice Control but with enhance voice input and functionality, such as send BBM message or update notes through voice control. However, user can also used the Assistant through keyboard typing. By February 19, BlackBerry had start OTA update to the remaining BlackBerry 10 smartphone with version 10.3.1 which preloaded with BlackBerry Assistant.

BlackBerry Link[edit]
BlackBerry Link allows users to sync and organize music, documents, photos, and videos between a BB10 device and a computer. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and supports iTunes and Windows Media Player. Syncs are done over Wi-Fi or USB. BlackBerry Link also facilitates device switches from Android and iOS as well as BB10 software updates.[20] Link transfers contacts, files, calendars, tasks, bookmarks, alarm clocks, SMS, phone logs, WLAN profiles and other information between devices.[21]

BlackBerry Blend[edit]
BlackBerry® Blend is software available for your computer and tablet that seamlessly brings messaging and content that’s on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to your computer (PC/Mac) and tablet (Android/iOS). BlackBerry Blend is currently available for devices running BB10.3.