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Nav Singh

Now, Lets start with the GoStats Review

What is GoStats ?
Answer: GoStats is a hit counter or can say analytic’s tool like Statcounter or Google Analytic’s.

GoStats cannot win over Google’s product ..Google Analytic but if you are looking for detailed information about your visitors and where they are coming from, GoStats will do the job(but i dont suggest tracking the users because its a threat to their privacy)

Like most other web analytic solutions, a small piece of code must be installed on each page you plan to monitor. Instructions on the GoStats website explain how to do this easily.

The monthly cost for this service is $8, or you can choose an annual option at the slightly discounted rate of $90.

GoStats offers multi-language support, can calculate bounce rates, and reports data in real time. It lacks the convenience of a customizable dashboard and takes a bit of time to figure out. It also has no campaign tracking feature. Like we said, this solution is very basic when compared to other products reviewed on this site.

Reports generated by GoStats are easy to read and analyze, but lack the ability to cross reference automatically and only offer minimal drill down. You will have to manually calculate how one figure effects or is being effected by another. If all you are doing is measuring overall site traffic, this should not present a problem.

GoStats tracks a visitor’s path through your site, but doesn’t appear to track actual events such as downloads or RSS feed subscriptions. In fact, none of the events listed on the matrix page are specifically tracked by this program.

Gathering visitor details is something GoStats does very effectively. Out of our list of 11 criteria for gathering visitor details, GoStats only missed one point for not listing the username of the visitor. Ten out of 11 isn’t bad at all.

Reports can be exported in CSV, XML, Excel, and HTML formats.