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Nav Singh

Furthermore, you should always keep the following in mind:

SEO is a constant process, remember that your website needs constant improving.
Constantly learn new SEO secrets and techniques. Technologies nowadays evolve at a very fast pace and you can’t afford to be left behind.

Patience is an SEO virtue. It could take a few months before you see can enjoy its results.

Don’t forget to apply the basics of website building.

Incorporate a “map” page of your website. This way the search engine spiders will find it easier to crawl around and index your website.

URLs must be SEO friendly. This means using keywords which Internet users can recall easily.

When you start your website, search for keywords that are essential for your business or field.

Always provide your web pages with relevant and unique titles and descriptions.
Think of your readers, visitors or customers before thinking of Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

Foresee your website with unique content. Remember, original content is King!
booking engineEstablish links wisely, only use reliable and trusted search directories.

Blog. Search engines love blogs because their spiders can crawl through fresh and well structured information.

Be active in Social Media Marketing. If you participating actively on different websites will help establish your credibility.

Take advantage of the free tools that are given by search engines and different websites.

Always be Updated on new SEO topics.