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1-It’s Time To Invest.

You know www. blogger. com and wordpress. com give free blogging service and we can create free and unlimited blogs without spending a penny longs back Google used to approve blogs such as http://www.abc.blogspot.com or www .abc.wordpress. com but time has changed you need to have your custom domain and not www .abc.xyz. com, to get a custom domain you need to invest some amount, you can create a new domain or upgrade your existing one.

2-Choosing Design.

Google wants blogs to be as simple as possible and users should not have a problem while navigating, so choose a theme or design for your blog which loads quickly and has simple colors. If you have awesome content but your blogs design is messy and has flashy colors then definitely users will immediately close your blog. Always think from users perspective after choosing a design ask your friends and family members about it as each and everyone has their opinions take their feedback as constructive and make changes as required.

3-Being Professional

Blogging is not only for money but it’s about sharing knowledge. If you are starting a blog think about long term plans for example if you have interest on health and fitness then it is better to write on health topics rather than writing on technology, when you write in the area you specialize then you have lot of room to grow and when you write on topics which you do not have enough knowledge you will stop at some point. When you write on your area of interest you do not require to work hard all you need is to explain the concept in an easier way. Also remember Google does not approve sites related to adult content and Gambling content.