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Kiran Misra

Attend Class
The most important advice I can give to you is to make sure you attend your classes. Attendance in class enhances the chance you’ll get a passing grade in a course. In addition to attending class, it is important to brush up on your note-taking skills to really achieve optimum success. Some general recommendations for improving note-taking skills are to:
Read all textbook material relevant to the topic being covered prior to attending class.

Make sure you take notes in class. If you fail to take notes, much of what you learn from the lecture will be forgotten in a few days. If you have something written down on paper, you can always refer to the material later.

Ask professors who lecture too fast if you can tape record their lecture. You’ll generally find that many professors are willing to assist you in your efforts to gain as much from their lecture as possible.

By attending class and utilizing the note-taking techniques just described, your chances for success in college will increase significantly.