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Creating your First Android AppAndroid Programming featuring

Hey there, today we will be creating your first android app. I will be guiding you step by step how to create your first Android application project.Now, I will start without taking much time.

Let’s Start together for Creating your first android app

Step 1: First off all open Eclipse ADT for Android

Step 2: On top left Side – FILE > NEW > Other… Ctrl+N

How to create first android app


Step 3: On clicking – Other… Ctrl + N from step 2 a window will open as seen in image below.

Select > Android Application Project 

Click Next.

create an android application


Now on clicking Next, you will see another window asking you to fill some information in.

The image below gives you the description that what these Pieces of information are-

Application Name: This is the name you want to give to your Application.

Project Name: is the name of the project folder of your application.

Package Name: It’s an unique identifier for your app on Google Play store. You can think it as an fingerprint for example.

Minimum SDK : Here you choose what’s the lower version of Android that can run your app. I recommend using Android 2.2 as minimum SDK and lots of people still use it.So, you don’t miss audience.

Target SDK: Is the android version you are aiming at. Its basically the latest version of android for example- Lollipop 5.0 but we will use Kit kat 4.4 for this tutorial  as target SDK.

Forget about Compile with and Theme as a beginner and use the defaults let go forward to Step 4.

making android app tutorial for free


Step 4: Now fill out all the information in. I personally recommend you to use the information I had filled in.

Application Name: Android App – Beginner

Project Name: AndroidAppStep1

Package Name:

Select Minimum and Maximum SDK and Press buy flomax cheap > Next

[su_highlight]Package name is always LOWERCASE with NO SPACES. You can use dots to separate and nothing else [/su_highlight]

 developing android app Creating your First Android App


Step 5: New window appears – Do nothing Press > Next

New android application - Creating your First Android App


Step 6: In this Window you select an image or text or clipart that will be the LOGO of your app. I always recommend using images for Logo, it can be changed later but being right at first place is always great.

Press > Next

Creating your First Android App


Step 7: In this window you don’t have to select anything everything in  Screenshot below is by default in Eclipse ADT for Android, if not follow the Screenshot that’s why I have uploaded screenshots for every step. So, you can easily follow the toturial.

Press > Next

Creating your First Android App


Step 8: Again, go with defaults or follow the Screenshot below and Press > FINISH

Congrats you are already done now. Sit back and relax, take a tea/coffee or Red Bull.Because you have created your first android application.

Start an Emulator or connect your android phone with your computer and Go > Setting > Developer Options and turn USB Debugging on.

And celebrate your success. Because small steps take us to victory you can win a 100 meters race by taking small small steps that we call running you cant just jump those 100 meters and win, every step counts, this is your first step, and its with me and I am very grateful.

For More further development of the app keep an eye on the next posts.

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This is how your app code looks like in Eclipse ADT for Android.

Eclipse ADT for Android

This is how the app looks when you run it.

Creating your First Android App -This is how your first android app looks.

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