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Boom Beach

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What is Boom Beach ?

Boom Beach is a multi – platform server based game that means if you play Boom Beach once in your life and you sign up with your Google + , Facebook. You can play Boom beach all your life without losing any progress on deletetion of game from your device. Since, after sign up your game progress is saved on the servers.So, to are free to play the game on as many devices you like without the hazel of starting from the beginning of the game.


  1. Strategic Game
  2. You Play with millions of other players around the world, raid hundreds of enemy bases for loot
  3. Battle for control of precious resources to upgrade your base against enemy attacks
  4. Explore a huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious power of the Life Crystals
  5. Face fearsome Blackguard Bosses and uncover their evil plans


  1. Very Addictive
  2. Its hard to earn resource as you progress and at that point most of the players spent real money  to buy resources.
  3. Hard to Loot as game progress.
  4. Long run game


Save your progress with Google+!

Make sure all your hard work is not in vain and connect your base to Google+.
Please note that Google+ only supports one game per account/device!So if for example more people in your family play Boom Beach on different devices, you will need a different Google+ account for each game to keep it save.
To connect your base to Google+ follow these steps:
  • Open the Google+ app on your device
  • Make sure you are logged in
  • After that, open Boom Beach and enter the in-game settings
  • Then press the Google+ sign in button to connect your base to Google+.
Now your base is safe!
Well done, Commander, you’ve foiled Lt. Hammerman once again. You’re now free to Resume the Boom!

I lost my account! Can I get it back?

Yes you can!
If you have lost access to your base, and if you can not retrieve it via Game Center or Google+, you can send a help request to Boom Beach Player Support to retrieve your game.

Things to remember before contacting the Support Team.

Before you send us a message, make sure that your new game is connected to your own, unique Game Center or Google+ account and then include the following information in your message, so its easy to locate your lost base:
  • Your in-game name
  • Your experience level
  • Your Headquarters’ level
  • Your Task Forces’ name (if you are in one)

Can I change my name?

It is not possible to change the name of your base. This is to make sure players can be recognized in the leaderboards,However, should you have set your in-game name to be your real, full (First- AND Lastname) name in the beginning of the game, please contact our Support and tell them what you would like your name to be changed to. And there’s a possibility to get a name change

Helpful Video for New Players

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What is Gold used for?

Uses for gold depend on your level in the game. At the beginning, you’ll need it to train troops, explore more areas on the map and, last but not least, to attack the Blackguard.
Later on, you’ll use Gold to upgrade your troops, your mines, and gunboat abilities in the Armory.
Additionally, once you’ve unlocked your Submarine, you can use gold to send it on missions to recover sunken treasures!

How do Resource bases work?

Once you’ve upgraded your Radar and started exploring new areas in the archipelago, you’ll come across some Resource Bases. In order to receive the resources these outposts produce, you must first win them in battle. But beware! After they’ve been conquered, the original owner or another player can take over in subsequent attacks.
The fight over a Resource base can go back and forth for quite a while. Every time one of these islands changes owners, its buildings are upgraded and/or new defensive buildings are built automatically (you cannot make changes yourself). Note though that the production rate of the Resource base will always remain the same.
After a few days of fighting, you’ll be given the “Find a new opponent” option which allows you to find a new Resource Base with a different opponent.

How to transfer your base to another device!

Please follow the below steps to transfer your progress from one device to another.
iOS-iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Make sure that the original game progress you want to transfer is linked to your Game Center account. Then, sign into the same Game Center account on the device you’d like your progress to be transferred to. After launching Boom Beach, you should be prompted to load your desired game.
Connect the original game progress you’d like to transfer to Google+ Sign-in. Then add the same Google+ account to the Settings on the other device (Users > Add new). Then, launch Boom Beach, tap on “Sign in to Google+” and select your email address. You’ll see a popup confirming the transfer.
(For more detailed instructions please type “android to android” into the search bar)
iOS-Android or vice versa
Make sure you’ve installed the game on both devices, keeping them both on-hand. Use the ‘Link a device’ feature in the in-game settings, then press ‘Link a device’ on both. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transfer.
Please note:
This feature cannot be reused. Following use of the ‘Link a device’ feature, your game will be connected to both Game Center and Google+. In the future, you’ll be able to use those services to connect your game to further devices. This is why you only can only use ‘Link a device’ once.
In general please keep in mind, that you should only have one game progress per device.
If more than one person in your family play Boom Beach, each persons game needs to be connected to its own  Game Center or Google+ for each progress to be saved properly.

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