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Android is an Operating System for phones we call smartphones . It is based on linux kernel. Android is currently developed and managed by Google, android’s source code is Open Source and any one can make changes to it. Google has released many versions of Android over the years, Lollipop 5.0 being the latest.

Android is primary designed for touchscreen devices, like smartphones and Android .Android is one of the most best selling mobile phone OS, android users are all over the world. Android phones range form costly to cheaper. So, with android it has been possible for poor people to afford smartphones which is not possible with apple.

Android community of developers is growing at lightning fast speed all over the world due open source code and android users are still flomax buy counting.

Android is Multi-lingual and it supports 46 different languages.

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This is a snippet of the article:

 Creating your first android app –

Step 1: First off all open Eclipse ADT for Android

Step 2: On top left Side – FILE > NEW > Other… Ctrl+N

How to create first android app


Step 3: On clicking – Other… Ctrl + N from step 2 a window will open as seen in image below.

Select > Android Application Project 

Click Next.

create an android application


Now on clicking Next, you will see another window asking you to fill some information in.

The image below gives you the description that what these Pieces of information are-

Application Name: This is the name you want to give to your Application.

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