5 Facts about Web Design

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5 facts about Webdesign

We all know, Web design is one of the most popular and profitable industry today. With thousands of new websites being regularly launched live, it’s not surprising that web designersare in high demand.

But in this article today. I’d like to share 5 interesting facts about Web design. That you will love and find interesting.

1. Web design is more than just a design –One of its major components is search engine optimization. This means that a webmaster who’s working with a project has got to have knowledge about web development languages as well as SEO principles. Another requisites of an effective web design are social media compatibility, compliance to the world design standards and multiple browser compatibility.

2. Flash is outdated. Everybody knows that Flash programming makes a website visually appealing and interesting for its customers. However, in the last decade Flash-based websites have lost a big number of its followers because websites with Flash applications take longer to load. Besides, their performance in terms of SEO is very unsatisfactory.

3. A few seconds to load is the time amoxil purchase limit. Every website that takes longer than a few seconds to load is a failed design. Visitors will simply switch to another site that doesn’t take that long to load.

4. Lively images is what visitors like. According to the recent study on the attention that visitors pay to different elements on the site, researchers have come to the conclusion that web users like the pages with pictures of animals, people and birds rather than cartoon figures. The most preferable photographs were the smiling faces of babies. On the contrary, ads were the most neglected elements of the site.

5. Design and its future maintenance. The concept of web design usually depends on the future goals of website owners. It’s got to be created with an end user in mind. A professionally designed website design is expected to feature the content as the most important part of the site. Flashy animations, ads, images, etc.which are placed in the center of the page can cause a rapid decline of the site rate.

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